This couple's selfie will give you nightmares!

This couple's selfie will give you nightmares!

A couple decided to take the sweetest selfie ever, but people on Twitter are freaking out by what's happening behind them!

Take a listen as Jane chats about the selfie which will give you nightmares in the podcast then read more below:

Whoah! Creep alert! How is this even possible?!

When looking at this pic at first glance it looks like a lovey-dovey couple's pic, but on closer inspection, you pick up what's happening in the background. 

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How is the girl able to look at herself from behind?

This is just creepy!




So many people are confused about how the image is even possible!?

I'm guessing some sort of Photoshop was used or some mirror sorcery. What do you think? 

Twitter exploded with some hilarious memes, check them out below. 

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