Man convicted of using Cheetos to burn ex-girlfriend's house

Man convicted of using Cheetos to burn ex-girlfriend's house

This flaming hot story is one that Rory can totally relate to. 

shemroy williams

Shemroy Williams, a 31-year-old man from Massachusetts, tried to set fire to his ex-girlfriend's house while she was still inside. However, the accelerant that he used was very odd to say the least. 

He was found with two lighters and a big bag of Cheetos. He was aiming to light the Cheetos and use them to burn down the house. Shemroy told his now ex-girlfriend that he thought about killing her many times. He destroyed her property before by damaging her cellphone and cutting wires in her car. 

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So I can totally relate to this. I had the odd crazy ex in my time too - admittedly not quite burning-my-house-down crazy.

Once I woke up with a hell of a noise outside and saw my ex pelting my car over the wall with eggs. At least 36 eggs! You cannot even imagine what it was like getting raw egg off the car and windscreen once it had been baking in the sun. Such a rotten nightmare! 

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However, we did become friends after the incident. We had a good laugh about it and we're still friends to this day. All's well that ends well. And there was no burning down of any nature that took place! 

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