Coronavirus Update: Reinfection is highly unlikely to happen - study

Coronavirus Update: Reinfection is highly unlikely to happen - study

In a coronavirus update, Darren, Keri, and Sky bring you the latest corona news from around the globe and they let you know where South Africa is on the worldometer.

Prof Tulio - Coronavirus
Prof Tulio de Oliveira

On Friday, Santam has announced that it will appeal against a court ruling that found the country's largest non-life insurer liable to pay a client's claim related to the coronavirus lockdown. Like insurers around the world, Santam has been battling with clients who say it was wrong to reject claims made under business interruption policies after coronavirus restrictions forced their businesses to close. This is something we will ask Wendy Knowler about on Thursday.

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According to a new Oxford study, people who have contracted the coronavirus are “highly unlikely” to contract the disease again for at least six months. Researchers say the findings are “exciting” because they represent an important step in understanding how COVID-19 immunity may work.

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Meanwhile, the head of the U.S. effort to produce a coronavirus vaccine said the first inoculations could happen as soon as 24 hours after the Food and Drug Administration grants approval, which would kick off the largest inoculation campaign in U.S. history starting in mid-December. The effort to roll out vaccines across the country of 330-million people comes as U.S. President Donald Trump has blocked the normal transition of government before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Listen to the podcast to find out where South Africa stands on the worldometer.

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