Will SA really experience a second wave? Prof Tulio de Oliveira weighs in

Will SA really experience a second wave? Prof Tulio de Oliveira weighs in

We've heard many reports about a second wave that is set to hit South Africa and even rumours about the country returning to lockdown level 3 or 5. Prof Tulio de Oliveira weighs in about the increasing number of infections in South Africa and America, the 'business as usual sentiment', and the existing number of strains of COVID-19.

Prof Tulio - Coronavirus
Prof Tulio de Oliveira

President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed those rumours and stated that there will not be a hard lockdown. But what about a second wave?

Prof. Túlio De Oliveira, virus hunter and virologist from KRISP at UKZN, joined the team to talk about a recent study from WITS which revealed that a second wave is inevitable and most likely to affect rural settings in South Africa.

He also looked at the 'business as usual' sentiment and what businesses can do to detect early infection, how many strains of COVID-19 exist and if there is a  difference between them.

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Reports have also revealed that there have been over 500,000 new infections in America in the last week, which is almost as many infections as South Africa recorded in eight months! Why is COVID-19 accelerating so much there? Prof Tulio also gave insight on that report.

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