ECR's top 5 gadgets to help during a water outage

ECR's top 5 gadgets to help during a water outage

Some aid for when the water's out...

No water coming out of tap
No water coming out of tap/ canva

In recent news, Ethekwini is undergoing a planned shutdown of the northern aqueduct pipeline which will affect water supply to the north.

Water supply has been an ongoing issue for many communities in KwaZulu-Natal and similarly, there are areas around the province that struggle with access to water regardless of the current shutdown. 

It is important to remember to conserve water, be mindful of those who do not have, and stay up to date with the latest news. 

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While we keep our eyes peeled for any sign of relief from the hours to days without a drop of water, the internet is sharing some creative solutions that may assist you during this time: 

1. A portable toilet 

Unable to flush your toilet, a porta-potty has you covered. Let nature run its course without the worry of clogging your toilet:

@preparedlikeamother Have you ever thought about how you would use the bathroom if you didn’t have running water or water stored up to manually flush a toilet? What about when you’re camping or on a long car ride? This portable toilet is easy and cheap to make and will help solve a lot of potty problems. #emergencypreparedness #bepreparednotscared #gadgetsandgizmos #portabletoilet #watershortage #waterstorage ♬ When You Have to Go Potty, Stop… and Go Right Away! - Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
2. A water dispenser 

Many people stock pile water when they can get their hands on it, but worry about the filtration of it. Don’t rush off to the shops to buy water continuously, a water dispenser can do the job of filtering your water.

Some companies offer a delivery or subscription service of this water. 

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3. A portable beach shower at home

New gadgets are hitting the market providing unconventional solutions to our problems. 

One TikToker shares how she had a shower on-the-go thanks to her trusty tool: 

@froth_nugget Our newest edition to all our frothy surf adventures 🥰 @beachsoulofficial #surfing #surfergirl #portableshower #vanlife #surfer #surfingaustralia #surfsup #surftok #campingessential #campinglife #surfinglife ♬ original sound - sped up songs 🫶🏻
4. Non-scented wet wipes 

Personal hygiene during a water crisis is essential. Wipe down your body with a disinfectant to keep you fresh.

@patrickandmichaela How we stay fresh while car camping! 🚿🚫 #personalhygiene #vanlife #vanlifeshower #carcamping #hygieneproducts ♬ original sound - Patrick & Michaela
5. An age-old solution - a good bucket

Having a good bucket will allow you to save on your water usage while being able to clean yourself thoroughly. 

Face towels, soap, and a clean bucket will go a long way in your cleaning endeavours. 


Be a good friend and let your mates come for a clean. You know if the tables were turned, you would want that offer. 

Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest update at East Coast Radio. 

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