#5Things: Ronaldo flies back to Italy, Bizarre cow study, Greta Thunberg’s doccie, and more

#5Things: Ronaldo flies back to Italy, Bizarre cow study, Greta Thunberg’s doccie, and more

Here are #5Things you need to know as you wake up this Friday.


1. Trump recovery drug not available for everyone

Drug maker Roche, which has partnered with Regeneron to develop the antibody cocktail U.S. President Donald Trump credits for his swift coronavirus recovery, says it won’t become widely available because it’s impossible to make enough for everyone who might need it. At best, the partners hope to be able to make up to two-million doses per year — if the drug cocktail wins regulatory approval.

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2. The Shoprite Group's more than R53-million food donation 

The Shoprite Group has donated more than R53-million in surplus food to various organisations tasked with feeding the hungry since South Africa went into lockdown. This equates to over R300,000 per day for the past 185 days as the country faces a mass hunger crisis brought on by COVID-19.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo flies back to Italy in isolation

After testing positive for coronavirus, Cristiano Ronaldo watched the Nations League on television as Portugal cruised past Sweden 3-0. The Juventus forward returned to Turin, Italy, aboard a private air ambulance to continue his isolation after returning a positive test on Tuesday, donning his international kit as he watched his country's victory.

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4. Cows prefer your live voice, not a recording - study

The Austrians have been contributing to society again. Austrian researchers found that cows are more relaxed after being spoken to directly by a live human rather than when listening to a recorded voice via a loudspeaker. So no Zoom meetings for them. 

5. New documentary alert!

Greta Thunberg’s documentary is being launched. 'I Am Greta', a new documentary about the teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg, charts her rise from her very first protests through to her UN "how dare you" speech.

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