Why is Trump's COVID-19 condition confusing? Prof Tulio de Oliveira explains

Why is Trump's COVID-19 condition confusing? Prof Tulio de Oliveira explains

What is the deal with Donald Trump? Many people have been asking this question after the US President was diagnosed with the Coronavirus last week. Virologist and bioinformatician Prof Tulio de Oliveira answers this question and more.

A car with US President Trump drives past supporters in a motorcade outside of Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on October 4, 2020.

Since testing positive for coronavirus, US President Donald Trump has been receiving a number of different drugs, this according to his doctors.

What has been confusing, however, are the type of drugs that he has been using - which are polar opposites of the severity of the virus.

Prof Tulio de Oliveira explains that the main two drugs are remdesivir and dexamethasone. Remdesivir is used for mild symptoms while the other is for people who are critically ill.

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"Another thing that experts are analysing is that he decided to go in a motorcade and walk up the stairs. And some medical doctors say that this is a normal test for breathing. Can a person walk up the stairs? But what they noticed is that when he got up the stairs he had difficulty breathing and they could see that by muscles in his neck," Prof Tulio de Oliveira says. 

We haven’t heard a lot about the reproductive rate of the virus in SA, a listener wanted to know how is the pandemic growing. While another asked about the second wave in Europe, and whether the virus mutates and grows resistance towards the vaccine trials that are tested on it.

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