#5Things: Trump endorses Biden for 'Resident', men win lottery using stolen card, Cardi B's IG shenanigans, and more

#5Things: Trump endorses Biden for 'Resident', men win lottery using stolen card, Cardi B's IG shenanigans, and more

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Trump trolls Biden

1. Donald Trump's campaign update

This week, the US President begged suburban women on Twitter to love him because he “saved their neighbourhoods". Trump also Tweeted a parody photo of a photoshopped Biden in an old age home and underneath that, Biden’s campaign poster with the P of “Biden For President” scratched out - so it’s Biden in an old age home with the slogan “Biden for Resident”.

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2. Submissions on Cannabis Bill extended

The deadline for written submissions into the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill has been extended to 30 November 2020 - this after several requests for an extension. The aim of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill is to respect the right to privacy of an adult person to possess cannabis plant cultivation material, to cultivate a prescribed quantity of cannabis plants, possess a prescribed quantity of cannabis, and to smoke and consume cannabis.

3. Two men win lottery after buying scratch card with stolen debit card

In the UK, Two men are accused of using another person's debit card, without their consent, to buy a scratch card which won them £4-million (almost R90-million). Lottery officials say neither men had permission from a guy named Joshua Addyman to use his card and buy a scratch card. As a result, their payment was refused and they were charged with various offences. 

4. Cardi B posts accidental nude photo on Instagram

Cardi B accidentally posted a nude photo on her Instagram story - before deleting it as quickly as she could. The rapper said that she switched off her phone and when it was turned back on again, everyone had seen her "big si". Cardi - who has more than 90-million followers across Instagram and Twitter - has received great support from her fans since she accidentally shared the nude, with many fans sharing topless photos under the hashtag #BoobsOutForCardi. Was it really an accident or a publicity stunt for her new song?

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5. Study confirms depletion of all coral populations due to global warming

A paper was released where Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, in Queensland, said that they assessed coral communities and their colony size along the length of the Great Barrier Reef between 1995 and 2017. They confirmed the depletion of virtually all coral populations (50% lost). The key driver was identified as global warming.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/realDonaldTrump

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