#5Things: Ramaphosa denies level 3, Shawn Mkhize buys football club, water on moon, and more

#5Things: Ramaphosa denies level 3, Shawn Mkhize buys football club, water on moon, and more

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1. "Can I change my vote" peaks on Google Trends list ahead of U.S election day

More than 59-million Americans have already cast their ballots ahead of Election Day – but some might be wondering if they can change that vote. According to Google Trends, searches of the phrase "can I change my vote" peaked on Tuesday morning in the U.S. around 6 a.m. Trump tweeted, "This refers to changing it to me. The answer in most states is YES. Go do it. Most important Election of your life!"

2. President Ramaphosa dismisses rumours of moving back to lockdown level 3

President Cyril Ramaphosa has denied that a move back to lockdown level 3 is imminent. He has also said that he will study a new report that has observed some worrying trends.

3. Andile Mpisane set to become the youngest chairman in PSL history

GladAfrica Championship outfit Real Kings FC will become Royal AM FC and have announced Andile Mpisane as their new chairman. Mpisane is the son of Durban businesswoman and reality television star Shauwn Mkhize, who has bought the KwaZulu-Natal club for the upcoming Kwaito star. Andile, 19, is set to become the youngest club owner in PSL football history, whilst also playing for the club.

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4. Kazakhstan finally embraces 'Borat' with new tourism slogan

After nearly two decades of rejecting Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical depiction of Kazakhstan in 'Borat', the country’s tourism board has finally given in and embraced the ‘Very Nice!’ publicity he brings. Following the release of 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' last week, the tourism board has finally given in to the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ mentality.

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Kazakhstan Borat

5. NASA finds water on the moon

Following days of build-up, the wait was over on Monday when NASA announced the discovery of a series of water traps on the Moon that could be used in space expeditions. NASA plans to learn all it can about the water discovered on the Moon ahead of the first woman and the next man’s arrival there in 2024

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