#5Things: Non-alcoholic Guinness, suit for the deaf, Borat sequel, and more

#5Things: Non-alcoholic Guinness, suit for the deaf, Borat sequel, and more

Not sure what is happening in South Africa and the world? Darren, Keri, and Sky have got your back with #5Things you need to know as you wake up.

Vibrating suit for deaf people

1. Expect COVID-19 vaxxers to use this century-old argument

As we get closer to an effective vaccine for COVID-19, the anti-vaccination movement will be pushing for disinformation and vocal resistance. A study has shown that things were exactly the same in the 1880’s. One pamphlet published in 1885 during the smallpox epidemic in Montreal is a great example. The pamphlet called the vaccine “A pitiful sight” and “Tyranny of Doctorcraft”. Over a century later, we are lucky to be living in a world that has eradicated smallpox using a vaccine. 

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2. KwaDukuza man plants trees in potholes in protest for service delivery 

A KwaDakuza resident has planted banana trees in a pothole to get the municipality’s attention, as he is fed up with the ongoing issue of potholes in his area. Angry residents blame the ongoing problem on municipal workers breaking through the road surface to access old and broken pipe systems and then skimming on fixing holes they created. 

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3. Non-alcoholic Guinness Irish Stout 

Every Guinness Irish stout has contained alcohol for the past 261 years. But now, Guinness has announced 0.0, a non-alcoholic version of its famous stout. It will go on sale in the UK and Ireland on Monday, and in the rest of the world a bit later in the year. A rollercoaster of emotions for Coca-Cola lovers this week, now this. 

4. Vibrating suit for the deaf to feel music

A California-based company have invented a suit that can make deaf people feel music. Deaf people feel sound vibrations, which send the same signal to the brain as noise does for non-deaf people. The vibrating suit will allow deaf people to feel music through their skin.

5. Borat sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen’s beloved comedy, 'Borat', has finally been given a sequel, 14 years after the release of the original. It’s releasing on Amazon Prime today! Titled, 'Borat Subsequent Movie Film: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan', the film is forgoing a traditional theatrical release and heading straight to streaming - Great success! 

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