#5Things: FlySafair ad banned, alcohol sale on weekends, Adele faces backlash, and more

#5Things: FlySafair ad banned, alcohol sale on weekends, Adele faces backlash, and more

The Breakfast team does not want you to be in the dark, so here's 'five things' you need to know as you wake up.

FlySafair advert banned

1. Cinemas are now renting out their big screens

Coronavirus restrictions have severely impacted cinemas in South Africa and all over the world. Odeon cinemas in the US are now renting out their big screens for people to play Xbox or Consoles instead. They are allowing socially-distanced tournaments and one can event rent it for a night of Netflix and socially distanced chilling.

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2. FlySafair advert banned

At the weekend, local airline FlySafair said it had been left with no choice but to return a plane to the terminal and eject a passenger who had refused to wear a mask. However, at almost the same time, one of its advertisements was banned for ignoring mask rules in a fashion that encouraged illegal and unsafe behaviour.

FlySafair advert banned

3. Petition for sale of alcohol on the weekends

Liquor traders are petitioning President Cyril Ramaphosa to permit the sale of alcohol over weekends. According to the National Liquor Traders Council (NLTC), the continued restrictions placed on the selling of liquor after 5pm on weekdays and no trading of liquor during weekends has put the livelihoods of well over 39,900 traders and 232,000 employees at risk.

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4. Adele has been slammed for offensive skit about Africa on ‘SNL'

Adele’s Saturday Night Live debut has attracted criticism for a ‘tone-deaf’ and 'offensive' African tourism skit. Titled ‘Africa Tourism’, it features three actors (Adele included) as a divorced white woman promoting trips to the continent, with sexual innuendos aplenty and Black men carrying women on their shoulders in the background.

5. Trump walks out in the middle of an interview 

Donald Trump walked out of his '60 Minutes' interview halfway through after getting frustrated at the ‘tough questions’ he was being asked. Interviewer Lesley Stahl questioned him about the ongoing pandemic and his priorities as a presidential candidate. Shortly after the interview took place, it emerged that the POTUS had cut off the interviewer after about 37 minutes of questioning.

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