#5Things: Boris Johnson "congratulates" Biden, Andrea Iannone's doping ban, new recycling laws, and more

#5Things: Boris Johnson "congratulates" Biden, Andrea Iannone's doping ban, new recycling laws, and more

It's humpday and these are the #5Things Darren, Keri, and Sky want you to start your morning with.

Andrea Iannone

1. Arrest warrant issued for ANC SG Ace Magashule

A warrant of arrest has been issued for ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule in connection with a controversial R255m asbestos contract in the Free State. So far seven people have been arrested in connection with the scandal. The Hawks have confirmed Magashule is expected to appear at the Bloemfontein High Court on Friday.

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2. Johnson’s Biden win tweet contains hidden Trump congratulations

Boris Johnson posted a statement on Twitter in which he expressed his congratulations to Joe Biden ‘on his election as President of the United States’. Upon closer inspection, the ‘congratulations’ that was tweeted to President-elect Biden appears to have been originally addressed to Donald Trump. A website called Guido Fawkes said the "remnants" of this could be seen by adjusting the contrast and brightness levels of the actual message that was posted.

3. Andrea Iannone's MotoGP doping ban extended to four years by CAS

Andrea Iannone's MotoGP career looks to be over after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) not only rejected his appeal to quash an 18-month doping ban, but sided fully with the appeal by WADA and increased the ban to four years. Andrea insisted he unknowingly ingested the banned steroid Drostanolone by eating contaminated meat while in Malaysia for last November's grand prix.

4. Tourists made to travel back 80km to pick up trash

A story from India: Two young tourists were forced to travel 80km back to a town in India just so that they could clean up the empty pizza boxes they had thrown from their car on the highway. Unfortunately for them, the boxes contained the bills, which also mentioned one of their phone numbers, so it was easy to get hold of them.

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5. SA's radical new recycling laws 

Only 10% of 108-million tonnes of trash generated every year enter recycling plants, and most of the country’s 826 landfill sites are nearing critical capacity. According to the new amendments to the National Environmental Management’s Waste Act, manufacturers will now have to start new programmes, set up collection points, and do regular audits to recover products sold to consumers. Prices of everything will rise, but there are also possibilities for entrepreneurship and job creation. 

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