Residents startled as river turns blood red

Residents startled as river turns blood red

The situation has become so bad that even ducks are refusing to swim in the river.

Red river

Residents are worried and confused by the change in colour of the Iskitimka River in Russia.

Reports have revealed that even the ducks who usually enjoy swimming in that river are staying far away from it.

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According to environment officials, the discolouration of the water is caused by blocked drains, however, the “mystery pollutant” that caused the contamination is still under investigation as there is a growing concern that the chemical might pose a risk to human health. 

More reports have revealed that this is not the first river to turn red as of late. The Gvozdnya River also suddenly turned red recently and residents complained that they were not given any reason for the situation.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/mudakoff

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