What's the most expensive mistake you have ever made?

What's the most expensive mistake you have ever made?

It doesn't have to be a monetary loss, it could be a loss that caused you to lose out in another way...

A woman feeling stressed while looking at bank account
A woman feeling stressed while looking at bank account/iStock/Visions

In this day and age, it is rare to find extra money to put into things that aren't essential. 

Every cent counts and making sure that you make the best decisions with your purchases or life decisions is integral because most people don't have a backup plan. 

Danny Guselli asks KZN about the most expensive mistakes they have ever made. 

As a way of making people feel less bad about mistakes they have made in life, whether that cost them money directly or indirectly, we found some interesting stories online. 

One story, which we think might be a popular one, was of a person who made the wrong decision with a contractor. After spending around R240k to get their roof repaired, they sadly realised that the contractor was a scammer and didn't deliver on the agreed-upon work. 

Another person shared how they thought their final exam was at 11h30am but it was two hours earlier. This mistake caused them to lose their scholarship and they had to pay to retake the exam. 

This mistake sounds super simple and mediocre, but it is a common expensive mistake. 

A person shares how they didn't take care of their dental health early on in life and it cost them a lot of money later on in life. 

"Not taking diabetes seriously cost me the vision in my right eye."

"Using the web browser on a flip phone in the early 2000s. My parents almost killed me." 

This one is legitimate and so ironic because now data is so much more affordable than it was around 20+ years ago. 

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