SA’s cheapest bakkie: Will you be buying one?

SA’s cheapest bakkie: Will you be buying one?

Is it worth it to fork out this sum of money for a bakkie?

Bakkie South Africa
Bakkie South Africa / X and canva
A bakkie is an investment. From being able to cart around some heavy duty equipment to the convenience of being able to take the road less travelled, bakkies are very popular in South Africa. 

In this day and age, people are always looking to snag a deal. Recently, a bakkie has been circulating the net due to its affordable price tag. The question on everyone’s mind is: ”Is it really worth it?”


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According to IOL, this compact bakkie is looking to be priced at under R180,000.

DFSK is making a comeback in the lower market scene, with WilGin Holdings importing the brand locally. They've taken over parts and servicing from JMC after it exited SA.

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How does this compare to other vehicles? 
This mode of transport has an overall length of 4.43 metres. The new Chinese contender is a good 600mm longer than its closest rival! Plus it beats its load carrying capacity by 150kg. Its overall payload is 900kg.

So do you think you’re gonna be rushing to snag this baby bakkie?


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