R3,000 for bread? Locals left stunned by pricey gluten-free loaf

R3,000 for bread? Locals left stunned by pricey gluten-free loaf

R3,000 for a loaf?! South Africans say 'no way' to fancy gluten-free bread.

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South Africans are scratching their heads after images of a gluten-free bread priced at over R3,300 went viral on Facebook.

The bread, from a US-based company, is being sold online in SA, but unlike your standard loaf, this one comes with a hefty $60 (R1,100) delivery fee on top.

For most South Africans, a loaf of bread sets you back a maximum of R20. So, this gluten-free option is causing a major stir. Take a look:

Social media is buzzing with questions: What makes this bread so special? Is it laced with gold flakes? Below are some of the comments we’ve seen:

Gu Ndo commented:
"This bread is worth my whole life."

Collens Adjei said:
"This is what happens when you buy bread online."

Ziyane Mqungebe Khathide wrote:
"Once you eat this bread you become a millionaire."

Jappie Motsei stated:
"You won't be hungry again for the next 4 months after eating 7 slices."

While details about the bread's ingredients are scarce, one thing is clear: A specific market is being targeted with this product. Whether anyone is willing to bite (pun intended) at this R3,000 price tag remains to be seen...

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