Shopper says lip product looks like glue stick

Shopper says lip product looks like glue stick

"It's giving back to school for your lips..."

A guy holding up a lip product that he found at a store
A guy holding up a lip product that he found at a store/Instagram Screenshot/@daiyabrahims

Can you feel the cold? Yep, Winter is here, and it's time to unpack the boots and coats. 

We notice that not only do we feel the cold, but specifically, our skin and lips notice the change in weather. Everything seems dry, including our noses, our skin, and our lips. 

They yearn for moisture. 

One guy who seems to follow a lip care routine shared a video with us about the lip care products on the shelves of a Dis-chem store. 

Watch as he reviews some of the lip products on the market. It was hilarious to hear his descriptions of some lip products, especially when he compared them to glue sticks. 

"It's giving back to school for your lips..." 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

We loved how he admired their ability to be creative, but it was a firm 'No', no 'Pritt stick or press stick' for him. 

He gave us some good insight into what he uses and shared the products he uses on his lips. 

  • "R74????? At this rate I’ll just lick my lips"
  • "I have that one and everyone is so concerned I’m Pritting my lips"
  • "In America palmers is one of the best brands 😭 if I could get it that cheap here , I’d be up to my eyeballs in Pritt chapsticks"
  • "Lip ice is my go to, I don't need Labello or anything else."

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