Man uses AI during his job interview

Man uses AI during his job interview

This seems like a wise choice...

A man on a laptop conducting an interview
A man on a laptop conducting an interview/Instagram Screenshot/@finalround_ai

Job interviews can be overwhelming, especially when you need to figure out what to expect. 

Sometimes, you can prepare and have all the confidence before the interview, and then you lose your train of thought when the questions come. 

That's why it is using a tool like artificial intelligence, or ChatGPT is so helpful. A video of a man using AI to answer questions during his interview has sparked some concern over the preparedness 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

Bare in mind that this could've been an advertisement to use AI. 

People were a bit concerned, thinking he was tricking the interview process. As you might know, nailing the interview is one thing, and performing your job is another. 

  • "He can clear the interview but can't work once he is in."
  • "Generic answers won’t win interviews as all candidates will say the same thing or close to the same. What sets you apart is using specific experiential scenarios leveraging the STAR approach for delivery."
  • "Now that interviewer is watching this reel"
  • "What if the interviewer is also Ai generated?"
  • A good interviewer will see right through this BS. Saying stuff like I'm a perfectionist or I am a work-alcoholic complete nonsense."

It's important to note that using AI is all well and good, but use it as a resource, not as a tool for plagiarism. 

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