Robotic service or human illusion? Video of waitress sparks viral debate

Robotic service or human illusion? Video of waitress sparks viral debate

A video of a waitress posing as robot takes social media by storm

Robot waitress - AI generated
Robot waitress - AI generated / canva

Restaurants around the globe are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence into their daily operations. From food preparation to customer service, AI is making waves in the industry.

Recently, a video went viral showcasing what appeared to be a humanoid robot waitress serving customers at a Chinese hotpot restaurant. The twist? It turns out the "robot" was actually a skilled waitress that was mimicking robotic movements.

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Take a look at the video that has the internet buzzing: 

The video sparked a mix of reactions online. 

Some viewers marveled at the innovative approach, appreciating the creativity and entertainment value it brought to the dining experience. Others, however, found the act unsettling, with comments calling it "creepy." 

Here are some reactions from online users: 

  • "That ish is CREEPY!"
  • 'That's a human! A robot doesn't need to act like a robot. The back and forth are common robot popping moves. If you have seen enough of it it's easy to identify.''
  • "I'd rather that thing not be around when I'm eating.'' 
  • ''It's a real girl who studied robot movements. It's just for the customer's fun.''

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While this glimpse into the future of dining may be a playful marketing strategy, many online users could not bear the thought of this turning into a reality in their region.


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