Woman plans to marry an AI hologram

Woman plans to marry an AI hologram

This means we are entering unchartered territory when it comes to how we personally interact with artificial intelligence. 

A woman sits on a couch eating with her AI hologram
A woman sits on a couch eating with her AI hologram/YouTube Screenshot/@EuroNews

A Spanish-Dutch artist, Alicia Framis, has found her forever in an AI hologram named AILex. 

"The multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona Alicia Framis will be the first woman to marry a hologram generated by artificial intelligence." (Euro News)

AILex was trained from the profile information of all of Framis' previous romantic partners. In short, AILex is a mix of all the things she wants in a partner. 

Watch the below segment showing a snippet of the couple (if we can call it that) engaging with one another. 

Courtesy of YouTube

"The ceremony will feature a "unique ritual for the union between a human and an avatar," and guests will be served "molecular food that can be enjoyed by both humans and humanoid entities." Framis, the artist and bride, is designing her own dress and also the clothing for the wedding guests." (Business Insider)

Framis says that their wedding is a representation of a new kind of love between humans, avatars, holograms, and robots. 

Framis said: "Artificial intelligence companions and humans can be a beneficial option for people in need of companionship. This hologram will fulfill all my needs." (Business Insider)

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We are entering a whole new era with AI and it's both intriguing and mysterious. This could be the answer to mental health issues that stem from loneliness if you think about it. 

Framis will be the first woman to marry an Artificial Hologram but we are certain by the looks of it, she won't be the last one. 

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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