Man falls off motorbike while holding baby

Man falls off motorbike while holding baby

This is why you should not chill on something that can be flimsy, especially with a baby in your hands...

A man leans on his motorbike while holding a baby
A man leans on his motorbike while holding a baby/X Screenshot/@HumansNoContext

Playing it safe takes a whole new level when you become a parent

For most parents anyway. Some parents tend to still walk around with a sense of recklessness. We can say with absolute conviction that this way of life is rarely safe for your child or children. 

One man proved this as he chilled on his motorbike while holding his baby. Lying on a bike is anything but the responsible thing to do under normal circumstances, and especially when you have a child in your hands. 

In a video on X, we see a man lazing on his stationary motorbike. He is holding an infant and raises the baby in the air. 

Everything seemed fine... until he decided to move. The motorbike moves and he is unable to ground himself and both the motorbike, the man, and the baby fall to the ground. 

He manages to keep the baby above ground with his one hand, but it looks like the child's head touches the ground slightly. 

Watch what happened below, courtesy of X

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Image Courtesy of X

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