Tips for child safety as the school year kicks off

Ten tips for child safety as the school year kicks off

These tips will ensure that your child is safe and protected.

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It is back to school in South Africa!

From the beginning of this week, South African scholars have been making their way back to school for the 2024 academic year. 

Many parents, especially those whose children are first-time scholars, might feel anxious about their child's safety. 

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Following these safety tips will ensure your child is more secure at school: 

- Teach your child their full name, home address, and the full names of their parents or guardians. 

- Teach your child their school's name and, if possible, their school's contact details. 

- Write your child's name, surname, and your contact details such as a cellphone number, alternative number, and home address on their school bag, clothes, lunch box, etc. 

- Walk or drive around with your child around the neighbourhood and teach them landmarks so that if they get lost, they will be able to direct whoever finds them back home. 

- Teach your child the police emergency contact number. 

- Tell your child not to accept a lift from a stranger or enter any car that is not yours. 

- If your child travels using scholar transport, take them to the driver, introduce them, and let him or her know that they can only travel with that specific car and driver. If there are any changes, the school will communicate with them or the driver will communicate in the morning. 

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- Teach your children not to accept food from strangers. 

- Ask your child to tell you the names of his or her friends and if possible, get their contact numbers. 

- Tell your children to not go outside the school premises with strangers or to nearby places without telling their school teacher. 

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