Woman details giving birth to massive 6kg baby

Woman details giving birth to massive 6kg baby

The new mom says the doctors were "holding him like a prize-winning bass".

6 kilo baby

Giving birth is one of the most incredible moments in any mom’s life.

After months of growing a human inside of you, you are finally united with your baby in what is often an incredibly painful yet rewarding experience. One mom’s story, however, has the internet shook as she details giving birth to a 6 kilo baby!

Sharing her story on TikTok, a new mom left people stunned after she revealed how much her son weighed when she gave birth.

TikTok user @tawnee117 reached out to moms on the app asking them to share their own stories of birthing big babies, but she never expected the story @shans1588 had to share.

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In her response, the mom detailed what it was like giving birth to her second child who weighed roughly six and a half kilograms.

The baby was so big that she needed the help of two doctors to deliver her child. "Oh you want to play the biggest baby?" she replied to the video. "I got you."


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Sharing her story, the mom says: "At 38 weeks and one day, I had my second son via C-section with two doctors assisting. Because he came in at a whopping six and a half kilograms," adding that he also measured 60cm in length.

"That's right," she says. "I gave birth to a toddler, who then spent 11 days in the NICU. Where clearly, he was the biggest baby in there. The NICU didn't even have diapers for him or clothes, they had to go upstairs to paediatrics and get size three diapers and he came home in clothing, sized six to nine months."

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The story sent shockwaves through the app, with many joking that the child looks like a full-grown adult. "They're holding him like a prize-winning bass," one user joked. "He's already got a credit score,” another added.

Today, the child is five and is a healthy and happy boy who “loves baseball, football and Monster Trucks.”

Do you have any interesting stories from your birthing journey? Let Carol know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: TikTok

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