WATCH: Cinematographer highlights the beauty of Coffee Bay

WATCH: Cinematographer highlights the beauty of Coffee Bay

After spending a month at the coastal town, one cinematographer shows off the natural beauty of Coffee Bay in the most extraordinary way.

Coffee Bay

For those of us living on the East Coast, we are fully aware of the natural beauty that surrounds us. When Michael Monk from Salty-C productions spent some time at Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape, he was blown away by the town’s natural beauty and decided to put together a cinematic short during his time at the country’s popular vacation spot.

Coffee Bay is located on the popular Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape province. The town is situated just 250 kilometres south of Durban and is home to a population of just 258 people.

As the name suggests, Coffee Bay gets its name from the many coffee trees situated around the area that reportedly grew from beans scattered by a shipwreck or by plunderers.

Michael Monk explains that after spending a month in the town, he fell in love with the natural beauty that surrounded him and was inspired by this beauty to create a cinematic short.

“After spending over a month in Coffee Bay creating this film focusing on the natural landscapes in the area, the sea life there is and some secret locations along the way,” he says as he announces the project. “Join us as we show you around Coffee Bay, taking you into the local village in the hills.”

Watch the beautiful piece here:

Image courtesy: Agoda

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