WATCH: Crazy ways a woman tricks her brother into winning bets

WATCH: Crazy ways a woman tricks her brother into winning bets

The wholesome videos show an hilarious side to the sibling duo – and it’s incredibly entertaining to watch.

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Social media apps like TikTok have given ordinary people the chance to become content creators. The app has proven that people tend to relate to raw, unfiltered content and videos containing recipes, pranks, fun facts, dance challenges, and more – specifically during the pandemic.

One brother/sister duo, however, have the world in stitches as the woman plays some hilarious tricks on her brother in a bid to earn some extra money for herself.

In a compilation video shared by LadBible, the girl uses her wit and smart techniques to stump her brother and, in return, win some money for herself.

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The video is a compilation of clips from the duo’s TikTok account, @brotherofcolor. Each video on the page racks up millions of views thanks to the family’s love for pranks and each other. 

From asking her brother to help extract a little bit of dry cinnamon from a soft drink, to separating salt from pepper using a balloon and turning on a light bulb without touching it, the woman continues to impress with her crafty skills to win money from her brother in hilarious bets.

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Many have claimed that the duo has kept them laughing during the pandemic and the duo have garnered a large following on the social media app in the process. “These videos make my whole day,” one user commented. 

Another added: “The love these siblings have for each other is so sweet! Also, the girl must be so rich by now!”

Watch some of their best clips in this compilation video:

Image courtesy: TikTok

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