Wedding venue refuses to refund bride after she loses her husband

Wedding venue refuses to refund bride after she loses her husband

A woman loses her soulmate after he battled with cancer and their wedding gets cancelled as a result, but she has to deal with the aftermath of rented venues and rude service providers since.

Widow loses her husband to cancer and wedding venue refuses to refund her
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We can't imagine what it must feel like meeting your soulmate, planning your wedding, and then having to help them through a terminal disease, only to lose them in the end. 

Describing what she has had to go through makes our hearts ache for this woman. Fiona Boswell lost her groom, Guy Boswell, to cardiac amyloidosis, which causes heart failure after a battle with cancer. 

The lovebirds were to be married at a farm country house in July, but after losing Guy in March, Fiona was forced to cancel the wedding. 

Fiona paid £4,100, which is approximately R82,000 in our currency, for the venue and it was to be a grand affair. They got married after Guy's condition deteriorated but still wanted to celebrate their union with friends and family, reports Mirror.

There was some sentimentality attached to the wedding venue - a few of their friends had gotten married there and she and Guy had their first outing there. 

Unfortunately, when she had communicated with them what had happened, the establishment came across as very direct and rude. They did not even show any compassion towards her or her situation. 

Fiona threatened the venue, saying that she would get the help of a solicitor and then they advised that she could sell the day to someone else and that's the only way she would be able to get a refund. 

After all that she has been through, that day was something special for her and Guy and she is finding it hard to understand why they are putting her through this turmoil. 

"A wedding day is a day that most girls think of from a very early age, this venue, I would say, does not meet the definition of a fairy tale venue," Fiona told Mirror.

Fiona said that the venue said she wouldn't be able to get a refund as the date for cancellation is too close to the event date. She is disappointed that they have not put into effect wedding insurance and clauses that cover unforeseen circumstances. 

Her friends have set up a funding page to raise money to pay for the venue. 

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