A brotherly bond: "I bet you my brother is stronger than yours!"

A brotherly bond: "I bet you my brother is stronger than yours!"

Goodthingsguy.com features a beautifully written letter from Seamus Reynolds to his brother, who is fighting cancer for the third time! 

A brother bond: "I bet you my brother is stronger than yours!"

When we hear about 'cancer', we immediately associate it with morbidity and you know what, we shouldn't! We should be associating it with courage, with fearlessness, and with bravery!

That is what Seamus Reynolds did when he wrote this inspiring and tear-wrenching letter as a tribute to his younger brother, Josh Reynolds. We were left in tears whilst reading it and we are better for being able to connect with others in such moments of strength and honour.

It's not about the fact that Josh is entering his third round with this horrible disease, but the fact that he is doing it so bravely and courageously. You have to ask yourself, why? Why are there such things in the world? Well, if we have to draft an answer then it would have to be that as humans we are tested beyond measure every day, and this is just another way of giving us something to conquer. 

As published on goodthingsguy.com - part of the letter said:

"This morning was a hard reality returning to chemo for the third time. He says he’s tired of always needing to be strong, of being pricked by needles, of the inside of hospitals, of being sore, tired and grumpy, of not being able to surf again. But he went in. ‘Cos he has to. Because he’s a fighter. Because he has a family.

Because he absolutely loves life."

In our opinion, Josh is not just doing it for his family and because he is a warrior, he is doing it for all the cancer survivors and he is doing it for all those going through the fight.

Seamus Reynolds ends of his beautifully crafted (and honest) letter with the perfect ending:

"When you have a brother as ridiculously awesome as mine, you want to do everything in your power to ensure he’s around forever… because the world deserves people like Josh. He may be my little brother, but I proudly walk in his giant shadow… and will for many more years to come.

Because this round will not be enough to stop THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST BROTHER!" - goodthingsguy.com

We can't say we're left any tissues behind with this story but we have to end off with something powerful and this is our powerful note to the amazing Seamus, Josh, their families and all those fighting the fight - enjoy every moment that you get and go in to each day doing your best, because as much as we know it's not easy, it's part of our innate spirit, our DNA, to fight disease and you CAN do it!

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