We are crushing over 'Idols SA' winner 'Berry' this Wednesday

We are crushing over 'Idols SA' winner 'Berry' this Wednesday

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday...

We are crushing over Idols SA winner 'Berry' this Wednesday
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On Wednesdays, Carol Ofori celebrates women from different walks of life, because if there is one thing that we need to do as women, it is to empower and celebrate all our wins, no matter the size. 

This week, Carol wanted to dedicate her post to the very fresh, very happening 'Idols SA' winner, Berenike Trytsman aka Berry. She is not just an amazing singer and performer, but a mother and a wife. 

If there is one thing that Carol Ofori highlighted the most about liking Berry, it was the fact that her sense of perseverance was endearing and inspirational. The thing is that it wasn't the first time Berry auditioned to get on 'Idols SA', and the fact that she didn't stop, feeds to the concept that sometimes when it's your time, it's your time. 

You cannot mess with fate. In addition, according to Idols regulations, the cut-off age is thirty and so it was even more special that Berry won, considering it was the last year she could enter.  

"Berry, who was a contestant on season 6 in 2010, says she couldn't believe that she won. The star says she was blown away by the support from her fans." (East Coast Radio)

She is the true epitome of never giving up, and that's a lesson that we sometimes need to remind ourselves. Also, she showed great camaraderie in her bond with runner-up Karabo Mathe, which shows such grace and sisterhood. 

In commemoration of their bond, Berry and Karabo sang their last song together at the finale. Not long before that, one of the 'Idols SA' judges, Unathi Nkayi, told them to never let the competition get between their friendship. 

"Berry has been singing for 22 years and is married to drummer Reiner Trystmasn who runs Music Blimp Productions, a platform that allows local artists the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary talents." (Sunday World)

Her love and passion for music shines through and we are so excited to see where this journey takes Berry and her family. Her drive and dedication to push the limits is such an admirable trait, and we are happy to celebrate her this Woman Crush Wednesday

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