#WCW: "Being your authentic self and working hard will be your strongest attributes for success..."

#WCW: "Being your authentic self and work hard. This will be your strongest attributes for success."

Our Woman Crush Wednesday is Samentha Reddy, who is the Ms Unseen International Social Influencer for 2021.

#WCW: "Being your authentic yourself, working hard, will be your strongest attribute for success..."
Samentha Reddy

There are many women in this world that go unnoticed, women that are unseen and not noticed for all the good they bring into the world, into the community. But as times progresses, we notice that there are portals that are erupting to recognise these women.

One such woman is our Woman Crush this Wednesday. Her name is Samentha Reddy and she was recently crowned Ms Unseen International Social Influencer 2021. We wanted to share her story today and inspire something positive in you this World Kindness Week.

Samentha is a 37-year-old woman from Durban, and has been a nurse for 15 years, practicing in Mental Health for a decade. She lost her dad when she was just 15-years-old and her mother raised her and her siblings as a single mom. 

Just hearing about that says a lot about what type of upbringing she has had. She speaks with such conviction when it comes to helping people with mental health issues. She has a wonderfully successful portfolio of awards when it comes to her mission, for instance, she received the Mental Health Regional Award for KZN and in 2018 she received the Great 100 Nurses Lady of the Lamp Award.

Her most recent accomplishment was being crowned Ms Unseen International Social Influencer 2021. If you are wondering what this is, well she explained it so eloquently as she said:

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However, this doesn't mean that she has reached her peak when it comes to helping the community. In April this year, she received the Panache Prestigious Woman of Wonder Award and this motivated her to start up her own Non-Profit Company called HONEYCOMBE OF HOPE.

She focuses on supporting families with grocery hampers, school funding, and educational talks at schools for learners. She has also dedicated herself to writing about mental wellness, and has written four articles this year. 

We just wanted to celebrate Samentha today as our Woman Crush Wednesday. She is someone who is truly making an effort in helping people understand that mental health matters and sometimes people just need to feel like they are not alone. 

It can be stressful living in a world that has so many uphill battles, but with women that stand for a cause such as Samantha, we can be sure that life will get better in time. 

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