WATCH: World's dirtiest man hasn't bathed for 67 years, believes cleanliness is unhealthy

WATCH: World's dirtiest man hasn't bathed for 67 years, believes cleanliness is unhealthy

Amou Haji is allegedly the dirtiest man alive and we take a look at his daily routine...

WATCH: The world's dirtiest man hasn't bathed for 60 years and believes that cleanliness is unhealthy
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When it comes to hygiene, we believe that things are always best when you look good, because it helps you feel good. That doesn't necessarily mean wearing the most expensive perfumes, or using the most extravagant products, it just means bathing and taking care to groom yourself the best you can. 

When you let yourself go, sometimes it can impact your mental state of mind. It's all linked in some way and we believe that the significance of water is quite holy, in that it definitely has cleansing abilities. However, not everyone believes this...

We have heard of stories where people choose not to wash their hands after using the lavatory, because they just put hand lotion on, and as much as we love a good moisturise session on our hands, we also believe in hygiene.

We saw a video on TikTok that shows the 'dirtiest man in the world' and we had to look into this. According to the online world, this man's name is Amou Haji and he is from Iran. He has reportedly not bathed in around 67 years! 

We can't imagine not bathing for one day, so 67 years, which equates to roughly 25,000 days, is a stretch, a looooooooong stretch.

"Amou hasn't bathed for nearly seven decades because he is scared of water. He believes that if he will bath, he will fall ill. Cleanliness brings him sickness," Times Now News reports.

Check out this video sharing his favourite foods, where he lives, and a look at the state he is in (courtesy of YouTube):

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