CRAZY: A man brings his own weighing scale to his dinner outing...

CRAZY: Man brings his own scale to his dinner outing

Imagine going to a restaurant and testing out the weight of your meal according to what is advertised on in the menu? Well, you don't have to imagine...

CRAZY: A man brings his own weighing scale to his dinner outing...
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Many people go through moments where their favourite restaurant or take out place lets them down, whether it's an employee who is having a bad day, or the chips were cold and dry, or maybe it had to do with the portion size. 

Yes, portion size is one of the most common complaints we experienced at one of the restaurants we had worked at. People like a good sized meal when it comes to eating out. Not all, but many restaurant goers enjoy a large portion, because it gives the illusion of getting what you pay for...

Antonio Chacon, from Colorado, USA, decided to go out for a birthday meal with his family at one of his favourite spots, Texas Roadhouse in Pueblo. He ordered his 'go-to' meal of ribs and steak with fries and mashed potato. But instead of feeling excited when his meal arrived, he was feeling disappointed. 

The size of the sirloin steak was really small. He had eaten this meal before so he was confused as to why the steak was looking so small. Antonio then ran out to his car and got his scale...

The steak was advertised as a 6 ounce piece (which is around 170 grams). When Antonio weighed the piece of sirloin, it weighed in at 3.68 ounces (which is around 100 grams). As much as it looked like Antonio was a bit too prepared for the situation, carrying a scale, he said: "I've eaten there before and I know my steaks. I'd never really thought about weighing it [before]. If it's 6oz steak, you'd have thought it'd be 6oz no matter what - even when it's cooked." (LAD Bible)

He got the permission from the manager before weighing the steak and to his delight, the staff remade his meal. 

Antonio said staff kindly remade his meal and even asked the chef to bring out his food - which looked 'way bigger and lot better' the second time round. He was also given a discount.

"I'd definitely advise others to do this in the future to avoid getting caught out," he told LAD Bible.

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