WATCH: "When you ask your dad to teach you how to drive..."

WATCH: "When you ask your dad to teach you how to drive..."

It turns out to be the best, sorry, worst thing ever...

WATCH: "When you ask your dad to teach you how to drive..."
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There are those moments in life when you can't help but reminisce and relate to someone's story. This was one of those moments as South Africans reminisced over that time their dads took them out to learn how to drive.

Everyone's experience differs of course in some way or the other, but the majority of women can relate to their shouting fathers who, to put it mildly, aren't always the best of teachers when it comes to driving. 

Whether your dad was the coolest, calmest teacher or the loudest and most aggressive, this video sure takes us back to when we were learner drivers. It is that one part of your life that you go through and it's like a rite of passage.

You have to go through the lows to get to the highs, and after a few months, for others it's years, it becomes something that is second nature to you. Something that you makes you wonder, what was all the fuss about...

The thing is though that everyone has their own way of learning and most of the time listening to an experienced driver who is very much personally motivated, attempt to teach a learner driver how to drive, can be damaging. 

Both mentally and sometimes physically, it is counter productive in some case. Driving doesn't come naturally to everyone, sometimes people suffer with a fear of being able to respond to a stressful driving situation, and let's be honest when they start screaming, you shut down...

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Twitter):

Many people came to the post to share their experiences. One even said that this is every Driving School Instructor in South Africa. Hmm, the stories are coming out! 

We've got to say we loved this comment. Tell us who taught you how to drive and share a memory with us. 

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