Seven things we have learnt during seven years of marriage? By 'The Ofori's'

'Seven things we've learned during seven years of marriage' - The Oforis

Carol Ofori and her husband celebrate seven years of marriage today and we celebrate them this Appreciation Monday...

Seven things we have learnt during seven years of mariage? By 'The Ofori's'
Carol Ofori

Today isn't just National Women's Day, it is also a day that two people came together as one in marriage. Carol and Greg Ofori celebrate their seven year wedding anniversary today. 

So we decided to take some time out to wish them a Happy Anniversary, to dedicate our Appreciation Monday to them and to also ask them to share their seven things they have learned through their seven years of marriage. 

Marriage isn't always easy, it takes hard work, it takes commitment and it takes dedication. If there is one thing we have learnt from these two it's definitely that communication and staying committed to making it work is important. 

Carol and Greg Ofori, you inspire us and we hope you have a lovely day!

On that note, without further ado we now pronounce the happy couple to you...Happy seven years to these two cool cats! May you both grow and grow in love, in life, in wisdom and in everything...

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