WATCH: The Transporter has nothing on this CIT driver!

WATCH: The 'Transporter' has nothing on this CIT driver!

A real-life 'Transporter', this cash-in-transit driver plays it cool and lets his instincts kick in as he responds with calm and manages to evade the robbers..

WATCH: The 'Transporter' has nothing on this CIT driver!
YouTube Screenshot/@News24

Just when we find calm, we get jolted back into reality with crime and real-life 'Italian Jobs'. The drama emerges and we see footage of a cash-in-transit heist and the reactions of the driver and co-driver are pretty priceless. 

Heart-thumping footage has been released of an attempted robbery of a cash-in-transit vehicle and it is the level-headedness and nerves of steel that the driver displays that gets them out safe. 

The duo is on their way when suddenly there are loud shots of gunfire, the robbers shoot at the van and manage to jolt the CIT van. The driver is seen immediately reacting to the shots and rams into the vehicle and starts motoring on. 

The driver is then seen handing his colleague a rifle, the hairs on our necks were literally standing as we watched. It was so intense, as if we were there with them... the nerves of steel of the driver are absolutely on point and we are so impressed with his demeanour. 

It's because of his impeccable driving coupled with his nerves of steel that they got out of it unharmed and safe. 

The reality of this is that these things happen everywhere, not just in South Africa, and the good part of it is that by watching these videos we can understand from the perspective of the CIT workers and the stressful situations they undergo daily whilst transporting cash and goods. 

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