WATCH: Snowfall in Eastern Cape looks like a winter wonderland

WATCH: Snowfall in Eastern Cape looks like a winter wonderland

Doesn't look like any place in South Africa for us...

Snowfall in the Eastern Cape
Snowfall in the Eastern Cape/TikTok Screenshot/@lifeofmikeza

When we think of snow, there is a certain sense of magic that breathes through. 

We think of Christmas, the feeling of staying warm at a fireplace, snuggling up to a cozy corner with a book and some hot chocolate. 

It is all quite romanticised...

So to see people sharing their videos of snowfall around South Africa leaves us feeling quite merry. 

Well, at least to some extent. 

We also feel sad for the people that don't have a heater or some form of warmth. So if you have an extra blanket, please share it with someone who needs it this winter. 

If anything, we need to show our resilience and our giving nature yet again. It's been a trying time, but someone out there is always in need of a guardian angel.

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WATCH this snowy video from someone at the Tenahead Mountain Lodge in the Eastern Cape. 

All we can say for certain is that this doesn't look anything like South Africa, but it most certainly is.

Courtesy of TikTok. 

@lifeofmikeza The Eastern Cape Snow is something wuite special. Captured at Tenahead Mountain Lodge. #tiktoksa #tiktoksnow #snow #easterncape #southafricasnow #southafrica #fordranger #ford ♬ original sound - Mike Eloff
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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