Six feet under: KZN funeral industry faces coffin shortage

Six feet under: KZN funeral industry faces coffin shortage

The shortage of coffins in KwaZulu-Natal has the funeral industry concerned.

Coffin at funeral / iStock
Coffin at funeral / iStock

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) says the rioting earlier this month has made the situation worse as some manufactures remain closed.

NFDA deputy president Lawrence Konyana says most of the major manufacturers are based in the province, which was hardest hit by the violence.

He believes government's decision to ease coronavirus restrictions isn't going to help matters.

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Konyana says it will lead to an increase in Covid-19 related deaths, putting more pressure on funeral parlours.

"Most of them that are major ones unfortunately they have been unable to work, they have been unable to deliver any coffins for outlining areas.”

"There are quite a number of deaths, some of the funeral parlours' premises were looted and vandalised.


"Funerals had to be postponed because some of them didn't have coffins. It is quite a problem, it is quite a challenge.”

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