Reconnect with Mother Earth in a town wild with adventure

Reconnect with Mother Earth in a town wild with adventure

Wilderness is a nature-lover’s dream. From hiking to paragliding, this town is pulsing with activity.

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At the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains, there’s a town as untamed as its name suggests. Once a British settler’s homestead, today Wilderness is a community knitted with nature. Wander through this South African seaside retreat and reconnect with Mother Earth. 

GO: Only 15 kilometres east of George, this evergreen town is a haven of diverse ecosystems. Roll down your window along the N2 and let the lush landscape of the Garden Route awaken your senses.

SEE: Stray off the beaten track and discover all this region has to offer along the Seven Passes Road. Declared a national monument in 1970, this scenic dirt route is peppered with historic bridges, indigenous forests, and bronze brooks. 

Continue on the overgrown path until you reach the Woodville Big Tree. Shooting 33 metres from the ground, this Outeniqua yellowwood is over 800 years old. Pack a picnic and enjoy a feast with the family beneath its sprawling canopy, or soak up the ancient woodland along the trails. 

Stop off at the Map of Africa viewpoint. Here, the turbulent Kaaimans River has carved out a near perfect portrait of the continent. For those who like to live on the edge, book a tour with Dolphin Paragliding and admire nature’s artistry from the skies.

DO: Come back down to Earth with an adventure through the Afromontane forests. At the Wilderness National Park, hikers can choose from five trails bordered by endemic flora and fresh water. Keep an eye out for knysna turacos, striking proteas, and if you’re lucky, the region’s rare leopards. 

Go with the flow along the tranquil Touws River. Meander through reeds and breathtaking scenery on a cruise with Wilderness River Safaris, or find your balance on a SUP board and discover the gorge’s secret waterfall. 

Don’t be fooled by this town’s size – it’s buzzing with natural beauty and unforgettable adventures. Dip your feet in its cool waters and discover the wonders of Wilderness.

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