Are you a birthday card hoarder?

Are you a birthday card hoarder?

From birthday cards to sad news cards, congratulatory cards, speedy recovery cards, and every card in between, why can't we just seem to let go?!

Birthday cards

In today's technological age, are birthday cards still a thing?

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When you were younger you might have experienced the same excitement when receiving a birthday card as when you received a present.

The card might have a funny or cute message, but you just wanted to see if there might be a few Rand waiting on the inside.

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And after the reading is done? What do you do with it then?

It seems rude to throw it away, but you surely can't keep cards from your 13th birthday forever?

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But for some reason, it turns out most of us do keep them, usually in a box, hidden away until we find ourselves spring cleaning, stumble upon this box, and, once again we decide to keep it.

Carol Ofori recently had to deal with cards and boxes, so she decided to ask KZN: "Is it disrespectful to throw away the cards you receive from people?"

For more incredible moments courtesy of Carol Ofori, listen here:

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