#AppreciationMonday: Watch a newborn baby is found floating in a box on the Ganges River

WATCH: Newborn baby found floating in a box on the Ganges River

The cries of a baby were heard by people near the Ganges River in India and the discovery of a newborn baby was made...

WATCH: A baby is found floating on the Ganges river
YouTube Screenshot/HindustanTimes

It's pretty normal to hear the cries of a baby whenever you are out and about, but this time was different. The Ganges River, also known as Ganga, is considered the most sacred to the Hindus. So what happened next at this sacred place, only seems to be fitting...

As the cries of a child echoed along the river, a local boatman, Gullu Chaudhary, saw a wooden box floating on the river and when he opened it, he found a newborn baby curled up inside, wrapped with a cloth. 

The baby girl was wrapped in a cloth with a chit (a short official note) declaring her as the "daughter of Ganga". 

Watch the video below showing the baby being discovered by the boatman (courtesy of YouTube): 

The baby has been admitted to the hospital for a full check-up. As much as this is such a sad thing to see, there is always a silver lining and in this case it was the boatman, Gullu, who found her and has expressed great interest in wanting to raise her. 

She definitely allows us to believe in miracles and today we dedicate our Appreciation Monday post to Gullu Chaudhary, who had the courage to open the box and take the baby to safety. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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