Newborn found abandoned in Chatsworth

Newborn found abandoned in Phoenix

An abandoned newborn baby has been rescued by paramedics in Phoenix, north of Durban. 

baby feet

The infant was found in a bush by a passerby on Stonebridge Drive yesterday. The wherabouts of the mother are not known nor was there any sign of her or any adult around.

Circumstances leading up to the child's abandonment are also still not fully understood. 

KZN VIP Medical's Garrith Jamieson says they assess they newborn to be approximately 1 hour old.

"The little boy was found on Stonebridge Drive in the Phoenix area under some blankets", he said.

"He's being seen to by our medical team who are on scene. The child will then be transported to a nearby facility", Jamieson said.

"At this stage the reason for the child being abandoned is unknown however the SAPS are on scene to investigate", he said.

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