LISTEN: Durbanite Fikile Cele - "I was abandoned in a box outside a factory in Chatsworth"

LISTEN: Durbanite Fikile Cele - "I was abandoned in a box outside a factory in Chatsworth"

Fikile Cele, a 22-year-old from Chatsworth, is an inspiring young woman who hopes to become Miss SA 2021. She shared her story with us. 

LISTEN: Durbanite Fikile Cele shares her story
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There are many times in life where we question why things have happened the way they have, whether it has been tough circumstances or that feeling of absolute bliss where you can't believe that you have been so blessed. Whatever the circumstance has been for you, when you hear others' stories, it somehow makes you appreciate what you have even more. 

Fikile Cele, a 22-year-old woman from Chatsworth, Durban, didn't grow up in the stereotypically traditional way, she was abandoned as a baby. She was left in a box outside a factory in Chatsworth and as much as that is mind-blowing for anyone to comprehend, we think that she is the ideal example of a woman that we should celebrate and learn from. 

Fikile shared her story with us. She said that her biological mother had her when she was just around 15/16-years-old. Her biological mother ran away from Johannesburg and came to Durban to have her. Fikile was born in RK Khan's Hospital on the 5th of April 1999.

"I was abandoned in a box outside a factory in Chatsworth, Silverglen. The only thing that was with me in that box, was my birth certificate, hence the name, Fikile Cele.

"I was found by my adoptive mum who is an Indian woman and I was adopted as a two-month-old baby." 

She doesn't remember her biological mother, as she passed away at an early age. She says that her other name is 'Angel', as that's what her adoptive mother called her when she found her. 

Fikile has shown keen interest in the Miss South Africa pageant and has entered and is currently awaiting selection. She works at Sunrise FM in Chatsworth and aspires to become a child psychologist. 

"As a part-time model, Fikile empowers other women to achieve their best through self-acceptance and self-love," a post on Instagram reads.

We can learn a lot from your Fikile, and we commend her for using her story for the good of everyone, as a way of uplifting women and the youth. 

All the best for your journey with Miss South Africa - we know you will achieve whatever your heart desires. 

LISTEN to Fikile share her story below: 

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