WATCH: A man creates a beautiful video of 'sheep art' for his late aunty

WATCH: Man creates a beautiful video of 'sheep art' for his late aunty

As a tribute to his late aunt, a farmer gets his sheep to help him pay tribute in a heartfelt way...

WATCH: A farmer creates a video for his late aunt
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Not being able to attend happy occasions due to the COVID-19 restrictions is one thing, but being unable to say your final goodbyes and pay respect for a loved one, well, that's just a whole other thing. 

As much as it is sad, it is also a hard reality that many of us have had to deal with in the best way possible. Some people have found that engaging in tributes that are both sentimental and meaningful help in some way, both for their personal states of minds and for their families. 

Benjamin Jackson lost his aunt and was unable to go to the funeral due to the COVID-19 restrictions. He resides more than 400km away from where the funeral was taking place and the video that he created in her memory was played at the funeral. 

"The farmer discovered that the sheep would form shapes while eating during the drought that gripped Australia during the early days of the pandemic. He spelt out the names of his favourite bands with grain dropped from the back of a truck and observed that the sheep would adopt the shape for several minutes." (MSN)

The video has been received well around the world. It seems that more people need more love and also to be reminded of love. Losing loved ones is difficult but when you have people around you, it somehow allows you to feel like you can overcome anything.

The video has gained 11,000 views on Facebook and we really think that brings such a sense of peace...

Check out the video below (courtesy of Facebook):

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