A sky full of white pigeons… for those we have lost to COVID-19

A sky full of white pigeons…for those we have lost to COVID-19

Carol Ofori and the East Coast Radio Team released white pigeons as a tribute to those we have lost to COVID-19. 

A sky full of Snow-White Pigeons…for those we have lost to COVID-19
East Coast Radio

So much has changed for all of us over the past year. It can become easy to dwell on the sadness for all those people we have lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, so that’s why it’s important to commemorate those no longer with us, whilst also trying to bring some light and peace to their families and friends. This was the motivation behind our ‘snow-white pigeon release’ today.

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A sky full of snow-white pigeons was brought to us by Deon Boucher, who featured in our side hustle profile and releases white pigeons at special events and ceremonies. He shared with us that he has been so busy since the pandemic started, as many people want to commemorate their loved ones in this unique and sentimental way.

Pre-pandemic, he spoke about how people used his services at special functions and how now he has been inundated with people wanting to pay tribute to their loved ones who have passed on. He spoke about how this “is a lovely send off for the family members…” and we agreed with him - so much so that we decided to collaborate with Deon in releasing white pigeons in honour of those who have lost their lives in the last year.

Take a listen to the full podcast about the sky full of white pigeons and the heart felt messages from our listeners. 

Deon shared with us that once the birds are released, they fly back home. He mentioned that “we have tried to work out how the birds do it, but it’s God’s gift, it’s simple as that”. Deon has well over 100 pigeons and we decided to fill the sky up with some serenity. 

If you want to get Deon's Snow White Pigeon release for your event then you can contact him on 072 027 7636.

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Listen to the full podcast of our interview with Deon below:

The symbolism behind it all leaves us feeling hopeful that we can repair our broken hearts and we can move forward as a nation, picking up the pieces and releasing the sadness, making room for healing.

We can rise up and believe in an optimistic tomorrow...

The White Pigeon release in honour of those we lost due to COVID-19
East Coast Radio
White pigeon release

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