WATCH: Man from Africa balances 735 eggs on his hat and wows Guinness World Records

WATCH: Man from Africa balances 735 eggs on his hat and wows Guinness World Records

Egg-cellent balancing act for this African man from Benin Republic...

WATCH: A man from Africa balances 735 eggs on his hat and wows the Guinness World Records
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Being from Africa leaves us feeling proud of everything that comes out of our continent. It's like when someone knows someone who has made it, they automatically feel like they have some shared sense of success with that person...

So when it comes to breaking records, we are just happy to hear that someone who resides on the same continent as us can get their name recognised on an international platform. 

When we heard about this record, we found it to be quite fitting, as many African women have mastered the ability to use their heads as a means to carry things. So to see an African man do it isn't that surprising for us, but still a remarkable act. 

"Gregory, who is from Benin Republic, could be seen in a video displaying his amazing skill which wowed Guinness World Records (GWR)." (Legit)

Many people were excited to see him perform his act, where he was able to balance the most eggs carried on a single hat, which equated to 735 eggs - and if all else failed, at least there would be enough scrambled eggs for everyone...

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Instagram):

Many people commented on the post, with some saying that this was exactly what the world needed (we think that was quite cynical), and others showing love for his "Egg-cellent" attempt. 

One person even wrote: "This guy was in South Africa during 2010 soccer world cup I have pictures with him." 

The Guinness World Records team even left a comment sharing the prelude to Gregory's attempt:

"Gregory from Benin in West Africa spent three days attaching the eggs to his hat for this brilliant balance record on the GWR Special show for CCTV in China." (Instagram)

Here's us just showing egg-citement and joy that he was able to earn recognition from the iconic Guinness World Records. 

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