WATCH: Mossel Bay husband who serenaded his wife with COVID-19 outside hospital bids her farewell

WATCH: Husband who serenaded his wife with COVID-19 outside hospital bids her farewell

Lukas Du Preez says goodbye to his beloved wife as he loses her to COVID-19...

WATCH: Mossel Bay man who serenaded his wife outside the hospital bids her farewell

Do you remember that story about the husband from Mossel Bay who was captured playing music for his wife outside the hospital window? He was captured playing the accordion for her outside her room window by someone who worked at the hospital. 

It was a sad moment as he said that she was in the hospital due to COVID-19 and she enjoyed his music. So he wanted to uplift her spirits and ended up uplifting many people's spirits, both in the hospital and online. 

The video was shared on social media by Charlotte Barnard who shared that the music that lingered across the hallways inside the hospital was helpful to everyone in the hospital, not just Lukas Du Preez's wife, Marinda...

She shared the below post on her social media to show her tribute: 

"Dear uncle lukas du preez, im so sorry for the loss of aunt marinda. Just know uncle was there for her till the end, and that uncle showed us all, love doesn't fade, love can conquer many, would be love. And I know she enjoyed and appreciated every moment that Uncle came to play in the morning and held on to your love. Continue to be the instrument for all of us at this time. Strength and love to Uncle and Uncle's family."

The above was translated on her Facebook page, see the original post in Afrikaans. 

Sadly, the message hit that Marinda passed away on Saturday. Lukas was able to see her before she passed but very briefly and he said that her death would not be easy to overcome. 

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