A serval kitten has been rescued by Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

A serval kitten has been rescued by Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

A five-week-old serval kitten has been rescued by the Wildlife Veterinary Hospital and is doing well in their care.

RESCUED: A Serval Kitten has been rescued by Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

According to goodthingsguy.com - a five-week-old serval kitten was found alone and it seems that she won't be reunited with her mother, so the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital has come forth and taken this little beauty to safety. 

They will be caring for her until she is strong enough to be released into a soft release site. She is currently being fed a special formula eight times a day so that she can grow.

"Did you know the serval has the longest legs compared to other wild cats? They live for over 20 years and are one of the few cats found in the wild that purr. These stunning creatures are mostly solitary, coming together only when it is the mating season or when being raised by their mother."

What amazing facts? We rarely take the time to learn about our wildlife (well, those that fall outside the popular cats). It shows what rich sources of wildlife we have in South Africa. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the serval (Courtesy of YouTube - @Animalogic):

"Once the kitten is old enough, she will be moved onto solids and moved to a soft release site before being released back into the wild. This will take several months and many delicious meals."

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital have launched a feeding programme that will allow them to continue helping their little patients, and it's called, #OneMeal. 

Image Courtesy of Twitter

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