Good Samaritan helps unemployed man start his business

Good Samaritan helps unemployed man start his business

It's Monday and what better way to start the week than with this heartwarming story, that might even bring a happy tear to your eye.

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Everyone could use some good news every day and nothing restores one's faith in humanity like seeing human beings helping other human beings.

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Every day there are charities and organisations helping others overcome adversity, but it shouldn't just be up to them.

The smallest good deed or a random act of kindness can also have a lasting effect on someone's life.

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The story that has been flooding everyone's social media feeds this morning is the greatest example of just that.

This story does not involve any big celebrities or major donations.

It all comes down to one man making a small difference in another life and changing it forever.

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The unnamed man, later referred to as 'Big Man', decided to one day help a car window washer by telling him that he should stop trying to wash these windows.

Now it might start off sounding a little strange, but he then takes the washer's equipment and instead hands him a box of masks, telling him to rather sell these masks.

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The story also doesn't stop there as 'Big Man' continues to return to the window-washer-turned-mask-salesman to find out how his business is doing and to keep showing him support.

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'Big Man' didn't just help this man once, he gave him the right tools and he was able to turn it into a profitable business that clearly awakened his passion and has filled him with a drive to continue on this new path.

He didn't start with much, only a few masks, but now he has so much more to offer and has even served as an inspiration for his family members, who have also been struggling.

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Hopefully, he can continue growing his business and will be able to accomplish even more.

And this week, let's all try to be more like 'Big Man'.

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