WATCH: Bullied in school over her voice, "Everyday at school was a living hell."

WATCH: "Everyday at school was a living hell." Young girl shares heartbreaking story of bullying

Bullying at any age isn't right! This young lady from Melbourne, Australia shares her heartbreaking story on TikTok.

WATCH: Bullying at school
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No matter what someone looks like or sounds like, bullying should not be an option. Period. 

Why are we so quick to target someone for being different? 

There are those in society who choose to celebrate their individuality and then there are those who are afraid to show their uniqueness to the world because of being shamed for it. 

Charlotte MacGregor, a 22-year-old sales agent from Melbourne, Australia decides to use her voice to speak out about the intense bullying she experienced as a young teenager in school. 

WATCH the videos from TikTok of her sharing what she has gone through and still goes through daily because of her voice. 

Charlotte's voice started deepening at the age of 12 and the bullying started immediately. People were mean and careless with their words and it led to her isolating herself from other - resulting in an onset of depression. 

She even sought out help from doctors who were stumped by her condition. She was shunned at school and experienced many friendship and job rejections that were hurtful and, of course, detrimental to her self-esteem. 

Charlotte shares more than 12 videos detailing what she has gone through, only to receive hate/cyberbullying on her stream of comments with people doubting her story and also just being terribly nasty. 

Not all of it was bad, though, with some people sharing positive and uplifting sentiments to Charlotte. It can't be easy dealing with the hate, but it's inspiring to focus on the good. 

One person said to Charlotte, "I'm so sorry people are just jealous your so beautiful and your voice is something amazing honestly it's beautiful." 

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