TikTok's new anti-bullying project

TikTok's new anti-bullying project

The #CreateKindness campaign allows creators a safer space to be themselves in controlling their user experience. 

UPDATE: TikTok privacy policy has been updated access to biometric data

We all know how popular TikTok is, especially among the younger audience and creatives. They are launching the new #CreateKindness campaign on the app. This is in hopes of creating a safer space for the young creators and allowing for freedom in the creation of content without overthinking. 

Statistics show that a third of TikTok users are under the age of 14, which is a vulnerable age to be allowing people into your space and sharing your ideas with the world. People are easily bullied and trolled, even in adult circles. We get it sometimes on our Facebook page, directed at the presenters. 

"This initiative helps shift the user focus onto its available reporting protection tools to help lessen such issues," TikTok reports. 

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Part of the campaign is an animated video series, created by TikTokers, which depicts the real-life stories of the creators and their thought processes, the uncomfortable feelings they sometimes endure, and more eye-opening conversations they have with and amongst themselves. 


One of the best ways to ##CreateKindness ? Take a moment to “consider” before you comment 💛

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So, in the coming weeks be sure to keep an eye on the Discover page. The different videos of the series will be showing up randomly. 

They encourage users to share these with #CreateKindness and affirm the creators, but also speak towards the things that resonate with them from the series as fellow creators. 

TikTok might not get the results they aim to achieve with this on-platform campaign and they are as weary of the leap they are taking, but nothing is bigger than the purpose of it. Their main goal is to raise awareness to an alarming issue that continues to happen across all social media platforms. 

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It encourages bright-eyed young creatives to be fearless in the production of their content and their authenticity with the feature they added. 

"The #CreateKindness campaign is likely more than PR, but it's the internal measure that TikTok puts in place that will be the real push in this aspect," they concluded. 

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