WATCH: This is why we don't bully!

WATCH: This is why we don't bully!

A video on Instagram shows a mum sharing an important life lesson about bullying with her daughters. A powerful message and a great lesson for everyone, not just kids. 

WATCH: This is why we don't bully!
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A mum shares a powerful message in an Instagram video - and it is so impactful! 

It's not an easy task teaching kids about bullying and how to deal with it. This mum did a great job in explaining it to her little girls and the great part is that it's just as jarring for adults, too. 

The video shows us that with the proper guidance and explanation, kids (and adults) can be made aware of the effects of their words and actions. The simple but effective analogy gets straight to the point and we have to say the world needs more of this. 

It's not easy being a victim of bullying (whichever kind), nor is it easy to acknowledge that your child is a bully. But part of being a parent is addressing these difficult situations and playing an active role in finding out. 

As parents, it is our responsibility to make an effort in asking questions and probing the lives of our children. By playing an active role in finding out about their days and their peers, we are practicing our responsibility, and in the larger scheme of things, we are ultimately teaching love instead of perpetuating hate. 

If more people took the time to do this, perhaps there would be less hate crime and acts of injustice, and more acts of kindness and love. 

We urge you to take a moment to reenact this video with your kids and send us their reactions. 

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